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Hill's-Embark DCM Genetics Study

Study Information

Genetics and nutrition may hold the key to understanding Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), and scientists at Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Embark are partnering on a research project to investigate. This collaborative research will explore options for early detection of DCM, genetic risk factors for DCM (nutritional and non-nutritional), and potential solutions to support healthy recovery of affected dogs.

Hill’s and Embark have come together on a common mission – improve wellbeing and care for dogs affected by DCM. Combining expertise in genetic research tools and nutrition, the results of this study could offer novel insights leading to diagnostic assays and potential nutritional interventions to mitigate disease progression.

Our target is to test 1,000 dogs affected by DCM in 2020 and we greatly appreciate your interest and participation! We will aim to make results of the study public available as soon as possible.

We will be covering the cost of DNA kits for the first 1,000 dogs that are approved as eligible participants for the study. Respondents to this survey will be selected after full review of medical and nutritional history and clinical data (including an echocardiogram confirming DCM diagnosis). Qualifying participants of the study who submit their DNA samples will receive all the benefits of Embark’s comprehensive product

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This survey should take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. We will be asking for specific dates and information regarding veterinary exams, echocardiograms, and medication, so please have your veterinary records ready!

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